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Managing Hospital Users
OSU MedNet21 is a series of one-hour webcasts designed to enable practicing physicians to fulfill continuing medical education requirements from the convenience of their office or home. These AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM CME webcasts are a wonderful resource for physicians and healthcare providers alike, and allow medical practitioners to stay abreast of the latest information and developments in medicine.

OSU MedNet21 used as grand rounds

Hospitals interested in viewing OSU MedNet21 as their grand rounds will find the process saves time and is easy. The webcasts are available to stream over the Internet or as a download onto a computer.
Awarding ACCME Credit
Because the educational content is created by OSU’s Center for Continuing Medical Education (CCME), all ACCME® requirements are already completed. Hospitals no longer have to worry about scheduling speakers for meetings, managing conflicts of interest, or obtaining presentations prior to the meetings. Subcribing institutions choose a site administrator who manages the sign-in sheet for the group, distributes evaluations, and enters the credits into our online recordkeeping system. That’s it. The evaluations are even processed by OSU’s CCME. In addition, there is an OSU CCME staff member available to provide technical support and guidance.

Webcasts are certified for a period of three years. With 40 new programs created each year, this enables subscribers to access 120 hours of online programming in the OSU MedNet21 library. While credits are awarded only one time, programs can be viewed numerous times.

OSU MedNet21 for individual use

Our OSU MedNet21 webcast series is easy to view. In addition to being able to be viewed on a computer, it is available on mobile devices and tablets. So, healthcare team members have access to it around the clock. A post-test is required for credit to be received but is free of charge for those affiliated with a subscribing hospital.

Additional benefits of an OSU MedNet21 hospital subscription

  • Content for OSU MedNet21 is designed specifically with a primary care focus.
  • OSU MedNet21 is an excellent education resource for residents and fellows.
  • OSU MedNet21 presenters are available to answer follow-up questions via email.
  • Subscribers are invited to participate in the annual needs assessment process.
  • Certificates of credit are maintained under individual accounts on the CCME website for a minimum of six years.

Webcast Examples


Professional Practice Gaps Addressed by OSU MedNet21

View the schedule of webcasts from 2012-2015

The cost of a hospital subscription

A 12-month subscription is $4,700. The number of users that a hospital can allow is unlimited! So, the more people accessing OSU MedNet21, the more cost-efficient your investment will be. OSU MedNet21 is a great deal any way you look at it.

The subscription season for OSU MedNet21 begins in September, runs through June, and generates 40 new weekly webcasts. However, the subscription season begins in September and runs through August allowing for a full year of learning opportunities. Programs are not created during the University-recognized holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter.

Viewing Audience Statistics

85% Developed new strategies to address the issues that were discussed.

86% Improved their ability and skills.

78% Identified changes to implement in their practices.

73% Significantly changed the way they will treat and care for their patients.

80% Expected positive changes in their patient outcomes.

95% Stated presenters displayed knowledge, clarity and enthusiasm.

93% Felt the material was organized and presented logically.

94% Were very satisfied with the speakers/presenters.

94% Stated the learning objectives were achieved.

Contact for More Information

Contact the program manager, Derrick Freeman at 614.293.3743, or by filling out the form below:


Additional Information

Downloadable Version, click here

Accreditation Statement

The Ohio State University’s Center for Continuing Medical Education (CCME) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Eligible Members

All members of your medical staff who can use AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM may utilize the hospital subscription. They will need to create an account on the CCME website ( and select your institution’s name as their “hospital affiliation” in order to receive free access to the MedNet21 post-tests.

Naming of a Hospital Affiliation

The institution will provide CCME with the designated name for the hospital affiliation. i.e. ABC Medical Center. A hospital affiliation account will then be created on the CCME website. This account will serve as the central portal for all users of this institution to be identified for free access. The site administrator will be trained in how to verify and remove individuals from this account.

Requirements for Site Administrator

The institution must designate a site administrator who will serve as the liaison between the institution and the CCME office. This person will be trained on the CCME learning management system (LMS) and will be responsible for entering credits into the CCME LMS if the institution utilizes the group viewing subscription option.

Subscription Renewal Cycle

The subscription requires annual renewal. It does not automatically renew. Renewal notices are sent out in August to each site administrator. The site administrator will be requested to notify CCME at that time if they plan to renew.

Subscription Cancellation Policy and Refund

A 30-day written notice of cancellation is requested. At that time a refund will be given to the institution for the unused portion of their subscription. If the subscription was paid via credit card, the institution will be requested to provide the credit card number again as it is the policy of CCME to retain no credit card information. If the subscription was paid via a check, completion and return of the necessary financial paperwork will be required prior to the refund check being issued.

Subscription Cancellation Penalty

There is no penalty for cancelling a subscription. See refund policy above.

Deactivation of Hospital Affiliation Account

Upon notice of non-renewal, the hospital affiliation account will be deactivated at the end of the subscription year. Upon 30-day written notice of cancellation, the account will be deactivated at the end of the 30-day period. All CME credit information will still be available in individual users’ accounts.

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