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Welcome to the Enduring Materials section of our website.  You can navigate our search pages below to look for educational materials on-line.  Also, you'll find information listed on this page about on-line CME education that you may find interesting.

Series title: Faculty Development for Medical Educators (FD4ME)

Faculty Development for Medical Educators (FD4ME) is a series of peer reviewed, interactive, e-learning modules devoted to improving the knowledge, attitudes and skills of medical and other allied health faculty in the important domains of teaching, professionalism and leadership.  These modules were developed by accomplished faculty working with experts in instructional technology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

FD4ME On-line Training:


Series title: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program

A cost-effective, online education program appropriate for a wide audience of students,
professionals, and caregivers interested in continuing education and professional development
in Traumatic Brain Injury. Whether you are a rehabilitation counselor, social worker, medical professional, caregiver, or person who had a TBI, you will find modules that are enlightening and helpful in your work within this field. 

Traumatic Brain Injury On-line Training:

Series title: Mind-Body Skills Training for Resilience, Effectiveness, and Mindfulness

The purpose of this program is to help you learn and practice skills that
will help you personally and professionally to become more resilient in the
face of stress, more clinically effective in helping patients, and more mindful
in your daily life as you learn the latest scientific research about mind-body
skills, engage in reflective practices, and use our free online recordings of
evidence-based mind-body practices. Whether you are a seasoned professional or
still in training, you will find helpful information and practices to address
the needs of the patients and clients for whom you care. There are twelve
1-hour modules arranged in four clusters: 1) Relaxation Response
(stabilizing attention while decreasing stress); 2) Mindfulness
(cultivating non-judgmental, curious attention); 3) Heart-centered practices
(cultivating positive cognitive-emotional states); and 4) Guided Imagery
and Hypnosis (using focused attention and imagination to achieve goals)

Mind-Body Skills Training On-line Training:

Series title: Herbs and Supplements Across the Lifespan

The Introduction to Herbs and Dietary Supplements Across the Lifespan program, a
cost-effective, on-line education program suitable for a wide audience of professionals
interested in continuing education and professional development in integrative
health and wellness. The fourteen modules in this course cover introduction,
safety, common populations (Women, Pediatrics), common conditions (GI, Mental
Health, Heart health, etc.) and wellness topics (performance enhancement). Each
module covers the latest scientific evidence on safety and effectiveness and
provides a wealth of links to readily available resources for continued
reference and learning.

Herbs and Supplements On-line Training:

FD4MECreating A Respectful Learning Environment: Avoiding Student and Trainee Mistreatment 03/31/20200.5
FD4MECreating an Effective Clinical Teaching Environment – Basic Concepts03/07/20200.5
FD4MEFeedback and Evaluation in Clinical Teaching – Basic Concepts03/07/20200.5
FD4MEPhysician Well Being: More Than The Absence of Disease Module03/07/20201
FD4MEAdult Teaching Premises and Practices03/07/20201
Herbs and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Across the LifespanIntroduction to Herbs and Dietary Supplements Across the Lifespan02/16/20201
Herbs and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Across the LifespanSafety02/16/20201
Herbs and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Across the LifespanPediatrics02/16/20201
Herbs and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Across the LifespanHDS for Cold and Flu Season02/16/20201
Herbs and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Across the LifespanHDS - Herbs and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Across the Lifespan: Headaches 02/16/20201
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