CME Activities

CCME Activities
The Center for Continuing Medical Education offers a variety of educational activities and delivery formats to cater to physician’s individual needs.  Please explore our robust selection of educational offerings by using the navigation buttons located to the left.

On-line Education:

We offer on-line education using  video on-demand CME webcasts through our OSU MedNet21 series. Our webcast on demand library hosts over 120 programs at any given time and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. Users can watch our webcasts by visiting the Webcast On Demand link at the top left of this page. Our webcasts are available to watch for free but you'll need to pay to take the post test.  Users will need to create an account and log in to our website to take a post-test.

Enduring materials are available in a variety of on-line learning formats and offer post tests following participation in which the learner can earn credit.  Point of care is structured, self-directed, online learning by physicians on topics relevant to their clinical practice.  Point of care is free to use, and is a wonderful way to earn a few credits for work you’re probably already doing!


Each year the Center for Continuing Medical Education certifies a host of quality live conferences in a wide range of medical disciplines.  Please discover our offerings by navigating through this area of our website to see what offering are currently available

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS), or Grand Rounds:

Regularly scheduled series, or grand rounds, are directed toward internal learners at the OSU Medical Center. The CCME currently certifies 68 Regularly Scheduled Series which happen on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

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